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Pricision pipe Fittings

Pricision Pipe Fittings

Virgin Enginners All Fitting are:

  1. CNC machined with superior finish for Instrument applications.
  2. Working Pressure are calculated in accordance with Power Piping code ANSI B13.1 & Refinery Piping code ANSI B31.3
  3. Pipe Threads are Available in NPT and exceeds the requirment of ANSI B 1.20.1., BSPT (ISO 7/1) BSPP (ISO 228/1).
  4. Straight Bodies machined from ASTM bar Stock and bodies Machined from close grain forgings.
  5. Available in different Exotic materials.
  6. External Treads are capped to avoid damages.
The above ratings are based on ASME code for pressure Piping B3.1.3 proces, at ambient Temprature For determining pressure ratings in accordance with V31.1 power piping, multiply 0.94 for stainless steel, 0.75 for carbon steel and brass remains the same to determine pressure rating in pascal (Mpa), Multiply bar by 0.10,
Close Nipple
Hex Nipple
Hex Reducing Nipple
Hex Long Nipple
Reducing Adapter
Reducing Bushing
Hex Coupling
Hex Reducing Coupling
Elbow Female
Elbow Street
Elbow Reducing Street
Male Elbow
45� Elbow Female
45� Elbow Street
Tee Female
Tee Street
Tee Branch
Tee Male
Cross Female
Union Ball Joint
Hex Female Cap
Hex Male Plug
Allen Plug
Hex SAE Plug
Allen SAE Plug
SAE Adapter
Hex Pipe Plug
Gauge Adapter
Male Connector
Union Cross
Female Connector
Female Elbow
Union Elbow
Union Tee
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